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Why is it good to do difficult things?


for example, painting the above scene … (from ST21Feb2016 of scene around the Sultan Mosque). After more than two hours, I got this:


And then, after another two hours plus, to add colour:


For me, the answer to “why is it good to do difficult things?” is that

  • you somehow surprise yourself by what you can do, and
  • the harder it is to do, the more satisfaction after the whole thing is done, and
  • “the mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”
    (most often attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes on internet, but also to Ralph Waldo Emerson in Goodreads website).

Time to look for more difficult things to do !! 🙂


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A Rainy Friday!

Gosh, practically raining non-stop since early morning 😦   so, today was a time for me to do an indoor “workout” instead …

I decided to see what I could do based on this photo (Hongcun, Anhui Province in China, taken during my Huangshan trip in 2014 during the Mid-autumn festival…very bad idea to go during that time because of huge crowds on Huangshan, btw) –


and  after 6 hours of concentration, here is the result!


Quite satisfied with it, considering that the reflections of the people were quite tricky to do but must try to get the lines for the buildings to look straight next time!

Also, here are the works I did just before CNY, to use as house decor, before the Hongcun one above.  And some self-critique: the one on the right looks more like a bear, the middle one looks like it has very stiff fur, and the left most one looks like it is going to vanish into thin air very soon, haha; and lastly, the writing is bad!! Wonder if Skillsfuture credit can use for Chinese calligraphy class???


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The Emergence of the Modern Middle East Part 1

Increased “understanding” of the Middle East by several times after completing my first self-paced Coursera course for 2016! 🙂

The Emergence of the Modern Middle East – Part I | Coursera





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