Ink Painting class resumes!

After taking a break for almost 6 months, the class is back again with the same group of “enthu” students as the last course … (although personally, would have like to see more “new blood” join the class, somehow, priority was given to those already on board to register so that the level of the students would not be too different, I guess??)

Into painting of flowers for the first 3 sessions (carnation, cattleya, hydrangea), of which I was keen only to do the cattleya:



Third session ended up as a big birthday bash for the teacher, with lots and lots of food and wine! I said in the whatsapp group that I would bring “an empty stomach” in Chinese but ended up with a “lawsuit” instead, by saying “我带控肚子“!  LOL 🙂


local delights! potato chips ended not opened 😦






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