This is a blog on my adventures in the coming months, where I track my pursuit of personal goals – fifty before 50 – and reflect on life lessons over the years (including the mentors and ideas that have influenced me to be who I am today, thus explaining why I took “the big step” recently).

Yes! I’ve resigned (double confirm) from the Ministry of Education, after a career spanning 24 years there, serving in various schools and holding different roles (as teacher, head of department, vice-principal, senior teacher, curriculum specialist in HQ), while getting two Masters degrees somewhere in between. But, best of all, I derived great satisfaction from guiding the many batches of students over the years through my favourite subject in school (i.e. mathematics) and hopefully, have made a difference (seems cliche, but really what teaching is about, no?) in their life.

Sustaining the energy to do so over more than 2 decades would not be possible without the wonderful colleagues I have had the privilege of working with in all my postings, and observing how they tirelessly put their students at the centre of their work. A million thanks to all of you! (too many to name or list, for now… : ) ).

If you are keen/curious/having similar thoughts/…, feel free to follow my journey as I embark on this new phase of my “career”, …



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