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Two days ago, while digging my stuff to look for the phone number of a plumber for a friend, I found this “contract” dated 7 April 2006, exactly 10 years ago. Believe it was during the heydays of an online game NEOPETS (seems it is still around??!!). How time flies!!

Love how the two girls have come such a long way together after all these years, and the way they complement and cooperate with (see Rule 7) each other!! oh, and also the “cute” handwriting!!  🙂



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The Songs We Sang 我们唱着的歌

The Songs We Sang 我们唱着的歌

Went with wife to watch this Singapore documentary over the Good Friday weekend, and must say it was really good!!

It is a documentary about the origins and people behind xin yao (新谣 or “Singapore Songs”), and this “movement” actually happened about the time when I was a junior college student. However, I was not really aware about it at the time (but wife knew/knows most of them, people and songs, at that time), perhaps due to my not so strong CL and being mainly amongst English speaking folks.

Nevertheless, it was a most enjoyable movie (like the other documentary movie I really liked, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”)  I was moved many times to see the people talk about their dreams and passion for songwriting, their sincerity, and those who helped these people along. It was also fun to see the way things were (e.g. the fashion back then, the concerts held last time).

Eva Tang, the director, has indeed done a great job in stitching together the many interviews, interspersed with songs and other “nostalgic” scenes of Singapore from the 70’s to make it a local documentary worth your while to see! ( this link for an interview with her about it, and one question that she responds to below:

8. Would non-Chinese or non-Chinese speakers find any resonance in this documentary?

Yes. It is about our struggles and dreams, about friendship, about courage, about following one’s passion. These are universal themes of life.

10 Questions for Eva Tang, the director of
documentary feature film “The Songs We Sang”

Indeed, the show is about universal themes of life (and more), the way Eva puts it!!
Go catch it soon! before Batman v Superman even, as such shows unfortunately, and usually, don’t screen for too long in Singapore!


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Batman v Superman …

“Batman v Superman” coming soon (24 March 2016) is almost like “Bougainvillaea vs Sakura” happening now, haha! No fight …

So many people flocking to Gardens by the Bay, paying $12 – $20, to see the cherry blossom … and just a bicycle ride away (from GBTB using the park connector) at East Coast Park, our own bougainvillaea in full bloom at the bougainvillaea garden (near to Sunset cafe), no admission fees, hardly draws any attention! 😦



Believe that due to the hot and dry weather lately, the bougainvillaea are in full bloom… if you can, go and see both shows! 🙂

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4 days in Krabi

A short getaway for beach bums, only 1 hr 30 min flight from Singapore! First time to Krabi (Thailand), and first time ever we did not even bring a “proper” camera while on holiday. Mobile phone camera used for these shots (including underwater ones during snorkelling and island hopping)!

So, why go to Krabi? Well, …

we saw lovely sunsets everyday …


 Sunset from Ao Nang Beach 13 March

became sun worshippers,

enjoyed all forms of marine life,

saw great scenery,

and for activities, went island hopping (took the 4 Island tour by speedboat), went to a beach in Railay  by longtail boat (was recommended to go to Phra Nang by the boatman; this overlaps with one of the places visited in the 4 Island tour),  visited a night market on the first night (in Krabi Town) and had relaxing massage (200 – 450 Baht/hr depending on location and type)

Overall, a beach holiday is still the way to go for a very nice relaxing holiday  🙂

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Fall in Macritchie … :(

Unfortunately, this is not Fall fall, colourful leaves, nice weather, etc but actually falling …

Silliest thing happened today: I registered my first fall while running in Macritchie 10 m from the finishing point!!:-(

After what felt like a long outward leg to Bt Timah Nature Reserve (10.35k)


& looking forward to a water break, realised that it is (still) closed during weekdays …


Luckily, some shops just along Upp Bt Timah Rd were open and I got to recharge a bit for the run back:



(btw, the 100plus rather ex, costs $2.50, but gell is ok at $3 from bike shop; cheaper if can get from vending machine 2 shops down).

The route via Rifle Range Road connecting Macritchie and Bt Timah is quite shady throughout


and you pass by many army camps along the way, as well as going over BKE


and under PIE


Below is the end of Rifle Range Road, and where the the trail from Macritchie begins/ends..





The return leg route (10.91k) was surprisingly comfortable until the “silliest” thing nearing the end (entrance/exit of trail near Little Sisters Home): I started thinking about eating  beef steak or mutton curry after the run.

Next thing (with10 m more to go), I tripped on some root, fell forward, but luckily reacted fast and managed to cushion myself from having my face on the ground. Just got two small abrasions: on right palm and left knee, and a bruised left thumb…


lesson learnt:
1. It aint over till its over
2. Don’t think abt food (or other thing, or looking at hot babe, haha) on the trails; concentrate 100%, on the moment (which is placing your feet safely at each step)
3.still good for 21k anytime, yay!! 🙂

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March 11, 2016 · 6:13 am

Survived my second “xiong” Monday!!

Phew! so glad today is over … and survived it relatively well in spite of not being perfectly fit to take on such a load today  🙂

Have been going to relief teach at some faraway JC last week and this, and taking on a crazily “xiong” Monday timetable (8 am to 4 pm), 5 hour total lesson time, and then going for a tuition session immediately after..

In hindsight, I should not have agreed to take on such a Monday timetable: caused me a bad throat over the whole weekend and a visit to the doctor on Saturday. Certainly don’t see any good reason at all to sacrifice “health” for work in this case!

But anyway, the worse is over and only 2 more days of RT to go, and then back to my normal schedule, yay!!!


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Why is it good to do difficult things?


for example, painting the above scene … (from ST21Feb2016 of scene around the Sultan Mosque). After more than two hours, I got this:


And then, after another two hours plus, to add colour:


For me, the answer to “why is it good to do difficult things?” is that

  • you somehow surprise yourself by what you can do, and
  • the harder it is to do, the more satisfaction after the whole thing is done, and
  • “the mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”
    (most often attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes on internet, but also to Ralph Waldo Emerson in Goodreads website).

Time to look for more difficult things to do !! 🙂

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