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Oh My Josh…

Joshua Bell with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO)!! What a treat for all who were at the Esplanade Concert Hall on Saturday … (including former PM Goh CT, and Prof Tommy Koh 🙂 )

Must say that we were really lucky to still be able to get Stall tickets at the last minute on Friday, the day before the concert! It was the last 2 tickets available at the Stalls Level, and the last 6 tickets overall (another 4 seats were available at the Circle 1 Level).  🙂


ST Life Section 11 Apr 2016 Monday

Classical violin superstar Joshua Bell held the audience spell bound with his virtuosity and showmanship in this thoroughly enjoyable and “joyous” concert that blended both Western and Chinese music (see review in ST 11/4/16 Life). My dizi teacher was in the orchestra too (as guest performer too, but haha, not in the same league as Joshua Bell 🙂 )

Truly a memorable and inspiring treat to see a superstar perform live, and many thanks to SL for “introducing” him to us! 🙂


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